WATCH: Biden Confuses Iraq, Iran And Ukraine, Suggests Non-Citizen Could Run For Office

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is out fielding Iowan crowds, looking to continue his campaign push while many of his fellow candidates are stuck in Washington, D.C.

While Biden is only having to share the Iowa battlegrounds with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the free campaign time may be backfiring.

Just this week, Biden has made a number of blunders which are undoubtedly causing some voters to question their support for him, including confusing Iraq, Iran, and Ukraine, suggesting non-citizens ought to have the right to run for public office, and failing to appreciate the good President Trump has done for the economy.

As the Daily Wire reports, Biden said Trump was trying to use his own impeachment trial as a way to harm Biden politically.

“That’s like just flat out acknowledging, we’ve been doing everything we can do to keep Biden from being the nominee,” said Biden, referring Trump’s request to the Ukrainian government to investigate him. “And guess what? We tried it in Iraq, it’s not working so well, I mean in Iran, excuse me, we tried in Ukraine.”



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Then Biden got into a spat with an audience member who challenged him to see some good in what Trump has done for the country.

Biden refused, saying he could not name a single thing. He even shared a discredited lie that wages were going down in the country.

“There’s only one way you can win this,” the person said to Biden, as the Daily Wire reports. “When you’re on the stage with Donald Trump, you’re going to say, ‘Donald, you have done some good things, I’m going to take what’s good that you did, I’m going to add to it, and I’m going to do it with dignity.’”

The audience member continued: “Not everything that the other side [does] is bad. Not everything about the Democrat ideas are good. There’s good in both.”

“You gotta give me a couple of the good things,” Biden responded.

The unidentified audience member answered: “The good things: the unemployment is good now.”

“Yeah, unemployment is good but wages are down,” Biden retorted.


“Come on, accept the good,” the voter responded. “You said there is no good on the other side?”

“I didn’t say that,” Biden claimed.

“Name one thing that’s good from the other side,” the voter pressed.

“[Mumbling] I can’t think of anything off the top of my head,” Biden said as he quickly tried to move away from the voter.


The Daily Wire reports that in yet another exchange, Biden appeared to suggest a non-citizen could run for office to beat Trump.

“I think you could beat him,” Biden told the man in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

“I don’t think I could, I’m not an American citizen,” the man answered.

Biden said, “Well, you might be able to, who knows.”

The Washington Examiner reports: “Biden is currently an average of 3 percentage points behind fellow front-runner Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to win Iowa’s kickoff caucuses, according to RealClearPolitics data.”