Trump Says Dems ‘Want To Nullify Your Ballots… Not Happening!’

President Trump took impeachment head-on during a campaign rally in Iowa on Thursday night, saying the most partisan impeachment process in U.S. history was being used as a weapon by Democrats and a means to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election.

“We are having probably the best years we’ve ever had in the history of our country,” Trump told the Iowan crowd, as BizPac Review reports. “And I just got impeached. Can you believe these people? They impeach Trump.”

“The best trade deals, the strongest military, I took care of the vets — we’ve got choice, we’ve got accountability for the vets,” the president continued. “We have got all these things and they impeach your president. No, that will not work. Watch. Just watch.”

Trump said very plainly that Democrats were attacking democracy and the electoral process in America.

“They want to nullify your ballots. Poison our democracy and overthrow the entire system of government,” he claimed. “That’s not happening, I can tell you that. Washington Democrats have spent the last three years trying to overturn the last election.”

The president also said he wasn’t worried that impeachment would harm him politically because the country was doing so well under his policies.

“Why am I not worried?” the president asked, before referencing other past presidential impeachments. “Remember [Richard] Nixon, it was a dark time. With [Bill] Clinton, it was not good. With [Andrew] Johnson, a long time ago, none of us remember, it was a very dark time. This is a happy period for us.”

Trump said he was mostly brushing off impeachment as Democrats continue to cling to it.

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“It’s a happy period because we call this ‘impeachment-light,’” he said before turning his attention to House impeachment manager Adam Schiff.

“Crazy Schiff. Shifty Schiff. He’s a sick puppy,” the president claimed, per BizPac Review. “But you know what, today I hit my highest poll numbers since I got elected — because the American people, and frankly, people all over the world, know it’s a hoax.”

Trump encouraged his supporters to turn out in 2020 to win big again.

“The Democrats are trying to overturn the last election — we will make sure that they face another crushing defeat in 2020,” he assured the crowd.

“Democrats stand for crime, corruption and chaos, Republicans stand for law, order, and justice,” Trump added, per Reuters.

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders also attended the rally and apologized for the way Democrats have been governing with their House majority.

“We’re sorry you’ve had so many crazy liberal Democrats running around here the last year,” she said, before predicting (while pointing at Trump), “this guy is still going to be our president.”