Talk About The Content Of Trump’s Speech, Not Pelosi Ripping It, Conservative Blogger Says

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is dominating mainstream media headlines after she ripped her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union speech, immediately after he gave it on Tuesday evening.

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh claims the decision was not out of spite, but an intentional move to control the narrative.

And, it’s working, according to Walsh.

The blogger took to Twitter where he said he did not care that she ripped up the speech, as she has maintained a record of hateful actions directed towards Trump (especially with voting to impeach him).

Walsh then goes on to describe Pelosi’s decision as a “brilliant move,” noting she is now controlling the conversation. People on mainstream media and on social media are talking about her — not Trump — and her ripping the speech — not its contents.

“I might be alone in this among conservatives on Twitter but I really don’t care that Pelosi ripped up the speech. It’s a speech, not Holy Scripture. Trump and Pelosi are both nasty as hell to each other and frankly, I just find it funny at this point,” Walsh tweeted.

“Pelosi tearing the speech was a brilliant political move,” he continued. “Now the Right is talking about that rather than amplifying the wonderful speech Trump gave.”

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“Pelosi’s got you all talking about her instead of Trump,” Walsh added, describing her media dominance as a “win for her.”

“She’s got you focused on the speech being ripped apart rather than the content of the speech itself. If you can’t see how that’s a win for her, I don’t think you understand how this game works,” he tweeted.

“Four of the top trending topics today, after Trump’s magnificent speech, are about Nancy Pelosi. And you guys still think her tearing the speech was a miscalculation? Trump has taught you nothing,” Walsh added in another tweet, noting President Trump’s own use of controversial moments to influence media coverage.

Walsh ended his Twitter rant claiming Pelosi’s decision to rip the speech is a victory in the short-term and that months down the road, people are not going to care.

“Not one single swing voter in existence will be making a decision 10 months from now based on Nancy Pelosi ripping a piece of paper. This is just about controlling a news cycle. Which Pelosi now is, with the help of people like yourself,” Walsh told one Twitter user who said he was wrong.


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