FACT: Trump Is Now the Youngest Male Running For 2020 Presidency

When Donald Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, Democrats repeatedly cited his age as a reason he should not be elected president. Fast-forward four years later and now President Trump is the youngest male seeking the presidency.

This unique fact occurred when former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has dropped from the running on Sunday evening.

Buttigieg announced he was suspending his candidacy immediately following Biden’s win in South Carolina and just days before Super Tuesday.

Reuters reports:

The move shook up the Democratic contest to pick a candidate to take on Republican President Donald Trump in November’s election and came two days before the 14-state Super Tuesday nominating contests that will offer the biggest electoral prize so far.

Buttigieg, a 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who gained early momentum after he narrowly won the Iowa caucuses last month and finished a close second in New Hampshire, had sought to unite Democrats, independents and moderate Republican voters. But he finished a distant third in Nevada and fourth in South Carolina.

“Today is a moment of truth … the truth is that the path has narrowed to a close for our candidacy if not for our cause,” Buttigieg told supporters in South Bend on Sunday night. “Our goal has always been to unify Americans to help defeat Donald Trump and to win the era for our values.”

“Thank you for inviting me into your homes, sharing your stories, and putting your trust in me. We launched our campaign because Americans are hungry for a new kind of politics that brings us together,” the former candidate said in a tweet.

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“And together we’ll beat this president and build the era that must come next,” he added.

Buttigieg was the youngest candidate in the running so his drop from the race then made Trump the youngest male candidate at 73. Amy Klobuchar (59) and Elizabeth Warren (70) are also still in the running and are both younger than Trump.

Democrats managed to have not one, but three male presidential candidates older than Trump: Michael Bloomberg (78), Joe Biden (77), and Bernie Sanders (78).

Trump commented on Buttigieg’s departure in a tweet which speculated he dropped ahead of Super Tuesday as to not pull votes away from Biden.

“Pete Buttigieg is OUT. All of his SuperTuesday votes will go to Sleepy Joe Biden. Great timing. This is the REAL beginning of the Dems taking Bernie out of play – NO NOMINATION, AGAIN!” Trump tweeted.


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