Bloomberg Addresses How He Would Respond To Coronavirus, See If You Can Catch His Mistake

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg shared a video to social media explaining how he would address the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak since he claims President Trump is not doing a good enough job.

In the video, Bloomberg says it is the president’s job to “take necessary steps to protect the health and well-being of every citizen.”

The Democratic candidate also said it is the president’s job to reassure the public and to use the vast tools at their disposal to partner with state and local governments.

Notice the problem?

Trump is already doing those things. He requested funds from Congress and created a Coronavirus emergency response team to combat the virus.

Trump also announced travel bans from China and partnering with regional governments to quarantine affected persons.

In fact, many of the actions Bloomberg says a president should do the president is already doing.

The video features him speaking directly into the camera and, at the end, zooms in even further as he said the country will get through the new challenge.

Check it out:

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Several people online pointed out that Bloomberg’s attempt to politicize the virus and swipe Trump will backfire. Some others noted Trump was already doing many of the things Bloomberg said a president ought to do. And, even more people said Bloomberg was not the guy they want addressing national situations.



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