Warren Voters Claim Own Party’s Sexism Stopped Them From Backing Her

Former Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren severely underperformed on Super Tuesday and ultimately dropped from the running.

Why didn’t she win more support? According to some of her voters, it is because the Democrat Party is sexist.

The Western Journal reports a number of her supporters claimed the party simply wasn’t ready for a female nominee and a female president.

Check it out:

*This is the same party that nominated Hillary Clinton in 2016 and observed her win 65 million votes in the general election*

According to the report, however, Warren’s campaign was flooded with falsehoods that did not resonate with voters and that’s why she lost.

“The lies piled up along the campaign trail as she claimed she sent her kids to public school, was fired because she was pregnant and was told by Sen. Bernie Sanders that a woman could not win the election,” the Western Journal reports.

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The report also notes Warren’s own lack of judgment may have costed her opportunities on the campaign trail:

One of her most memorable episodes of dishonesty demonstrates another problem with Warren: She has shown incredibly bad judgment.

She claimed to be of Native American descent and then, at the goading of President Donald Trump, took a DNA test to prove it. After the test showed her claims to be questionable, Warren proceeded to broadcast the results.



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