‘What A Train Wreck’: Harris Endorses Biden In New Video

Former Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is now backing Joe Biden to win the presidency.

Harris shared the endorsement in a video she released Sunday morning on social media.

“Joe Biden has served our country with dignity and we need him now more than ever. I will do everything in my power to help elect him the next President of the United States,” she said, per the Associated Press.

“There is no one better prepared than Joe to steer our nation through these turbulent times, and restore truth, honor, and decency to the Oval Office,” she added. “He is kind and endlessly caring, and he truly listens to the American people.”

The senator also said the U.S. “is at an inflection point. And the decision voters make this November will shape the country and the world our children and grandchildren will grow up in. I believe in Joe Biden.”

The Associated Press also reports Harris’ endorsement comes at an opportune time for Biden, just before the next round of primaries on Tuesday. Next week, six states will cast their votes for which candidate they want to win the nomination.

Harris is the latest former candidate to endorse Biden after he previously garnered endorsements from Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Deval Patrick, Tim Ryan, and John Delaney.

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The Associated Press reports:

Harris withdrew from the race in December, ending a candidacy with the historic potential of becoming the first black woman elected president. The former California attorney general was seen as a candidate poised to attract the multiracial coalition of voters that sent Barack Obama to the White House. But she ultimately could not craft a message that resonated with voters or secure the money to continue her run.

Biden and Sanders, two white men in their 70s, are now the front-runners for the nomination in what was once a field of candidates that includes several woman and much younger politicians.

Harris said in her statement that “like many women, I watched with sadness as women exited the race one by one.” Four years after Hillary Clinton was the party’s nominee, “we find ourselves without any woman on a path to be the Democratic nominee for president.”

“This is something we must reckon with and it is something I will have more to say about in the future,” she said. “But we must rise to unite the party and country behind a candidate who reflects the decency and dignity of the American people and who can ultimately defeat Donald Trump.″

Several people online responded to the endorsement video, describing it as hostage-like and unenthusiastic, Twitchy reports:



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