Pelosi Says Trump Lacks ‘Confidence’ In Dealing With Coronavirus Outbreak

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized President Trump’s handling of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, claiming he lacks “confidence” in the situation.

This “lack of confidence” is evidenced in the financial market and the drops it has witnessed over the past couple of weeks, she told a group of reporters at the Women Who Empower Summit at Northeastern University Monday, via ABC News.

“Well it is very sad, but I believe, what we know about the Dow is that they want certainty, they want to have confidence that there is a plan,” Pelosi said.

“I think that what is happening there is a reflection of lack of confidence, and so we would hope that what is coming out of the White House will be more consistent with what the health advisers are putting forth,” she continued.

Pelosi added: “We would hope that rather than name-calling, (Trump) would be again joining with his health care professionals who are advising him and the rest of us in a well-coordinated government agenda.”

According to the report, the market plunged as it opened on Monday morning causing a temporary halt in trading. The halt was “caused by an automatic circuit breaker safety mechanism that kicked in to prevent a free fall amid the sell-off.”

The House Speaker said members of her party are working on a relief package for Americans affected by the Coronavirus. The proposal will include funding for families who are forced to miss work or paid family leave.

The new proposal comes after Congress passed and Trump signed into law an $8.3 billion spending bill to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

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“These are additional,” Pelosi said. “This is about the families. We’re about putting families first. If your children’s school is closed, who’s going to take care of them at home? If kids are dependent on food at school, how are they going to have food security?”

The new bill would “address some of those things, paid family leave — for the purpose of the coronavirus, unemployment insurance in case your company just folds, although we had in our bill SBA loans for helping to sustain a workforce,” she said.

“So it’s about how we protect the families and how we protect the workers, the health care providers and the rest in the atmospheres in which they’re working,” she added.



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