‘Comedian’ Patton Oswalt Imagines Trump Fans Dying From Coronavirus Outbreak

The Trump administration literally cannot even try to protect Americans from the Coronavirus outbreak without liberals complaining.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, President Trump has taken and is continuing to take several major steps to combat it.

Almost immediately, the Trump administration instituted a travel ban preventing individuals in China from entering the United States.

The president also worked with Congress to pass a bill with billions of dollars to combat the spread of the virus.

Trump made a Coronavirus Response Task Force and appointed Vice President Pence to lead it.

He’s working for Americans.

That’s not enough for “comedian” Patton Oswalt, who imagined online how a Trump supporter would act if he or she were dying to the Coronavirus.

“MAGAt dying from COVID-19: ‘Why did the *cough* media treat Trump so *cough cough* unfairly…’” Oswalt tweeted, citing an article about Attorney General William Barr potentially launching an investigation into mainstream media’s coverage of the Coronavirus.

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The Western Journal reports:

But the worst thing about Oswalt’s tweet is not simply that it passes along what is almost certainly a lie — that Trump demanded Barr investigate the media for coronavirus coverage.

What’s worse is that it pretended that there was no reason for Trump and his supporters to assume that the mainstream media is against him.

What’s worse yet that it pretends there’s no reason to suspect the mainstream media and the Democrats it supports are, in fact, cheering on the damage the outbreak is causing as a means of hurting the man in the White House.


The sad facts of the matter are:

  • That Trump’s opponents are shamelessly using the coronavirus as a political weapon;

  • That liberals in the media doing their best to support the effort;

  • And that the current volatility on Wall Street stemming from the coronavirus outbreak (Monday’s shattering losses followed by Tuesday’s recovery, for instance) is one of the rare pieces of economic news liberals will be able to use against a president who has otherwise overseen an astounding three-year run of low unemployment and rising wages.

Mainstream media is often critical of President Trump and liberals have vehemently opposed him since 2016, but the 2020 presidential primary has shown time and again that the country continues to support President Trump and are turning out in record numbers to do so.


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