Coronavirus Deaths Now Exceed 5,000 Worldwide, 40 In U.S.

More than 5,000 people around the world have died to the Coronavirus since the outbreak first started in December 2019.

CNN reports there are more than 132,500 confirmed cases of the virus as it has spread to over 100 countries and territories.

From the report:

Over 68,000 patients have recovered globally, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

European markets opened higher: European shares have opened higher today after yesterday’s huge losses. The main markets in Europe were all up, with the FTSE 100 up more than 6%, the French CAC 40 up 4% and the German Dax gained more than 3%.

Infection rate in hard-hit Asian continues to slow: Mainland China reported only eight new infections Thursday, with five in Wuhan, ground zero for the pandemic. China has reported 80,813 cases and 3,176 deaths since the outbreak began last December. More than 64,000 patients have recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

The Coronavirus is continuing to spread across the United States, with more than 1,663 confirmed cases and 40 deaths.

Schools and businesses are closing to prevent further spread of the virus, including the NHL and NBA suspending the remainder of their seasons. The NCAA announced it would be canceling the March Madness tournament this year and all sports events until the outbreak concludes.

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After Alaska confirmed its first coronavirus case, only four U.S. states do not have someone currently testing positive for the coronavirus: Alabama, Idaho, Montana, and West Virginia.

“We do have our first case identified of the COVID-19 virus, which is not unusual given what’s been happening elsewhere with this pandemic,” Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy said in an official statement per ABC News. “This is no surprise as this is something we in Alaska have been preparing for since January.”

During a press conference at the White House with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, President Trump advised against traveling internationally and said he would consider closing some domestic travel “if an area gets too hot.”

“We haven’t discussed that yet. Is it a possibility? Yes. If somebody gets a little bit out of control, if an area gets too hot,” Trump said to a group of reporters.

“You see what they’re doing in New Rochelle, which is — which is good, frankly. It’s the right thing. But they’re not — it’s not enforced. It’s not very strong. But people know they’re — they’re being watched. New Rochelle. That’s a hotspot,” he continued.

Across the northern border, seven of Canada’s ten provinces have at least one person who has tested positive for the Coronavirus. This includes the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

“Following medical recommendations, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was tested for COVID-19 today,” said the first family’s communications director, Cameron Ahmad. “The test came back positive. Also following medical advice, she will remain in isolation for the time being. She is feeling well, is taking all recommended precautions and her symptoms remain mild.”


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