Hillary Clinton Tells Trump He Should Start ‘Giving A Damn’ Over Coronavirus Outbreak

Hillary Clinton has never won the presidency—failing on two separate occasions—but she has some advice for the man at the helm of the country on how to manage the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

In a tweet, the former Democratic presidential nominee said she was going to “spell it out” for Trump, offering her unsolicited opinion on how to combat the virus’ spread.

“I know this is all hard for you, @realdonaldtrump, so let me spell it out,” she tweeted. Listing: “Free testing, Fee waivers, Emergency sick leave, Quarantines, Cancellations, [and] Giving a damn.”

Clinton also encouraged people to call their representatives and senators to help combat the Coronavirus:

Again (and we cannot emphasize this enough), she is not the president. She lost when a majority of the United States republic voted in favor of President Trump to lead them through difficulty and a pandemic like the Coronavirus.

Several people online quickly criticized Clinton for the tweet, noting Trump is already doing many of the things on her list:

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