Liberal Pollster Celebrates Market Crash Amid Coronavirus, Immediately Gets Crushed

As scientists are continuing to mull over the coronavirus and what it could mean for the United States and the world, Some liberals are cheering the Coronavirus’ devastation on the Stock Market, which has spent most of last week in a freefall.

A liberal pollster online is celebrating the crash, noting all the good President Trump has done is now being “erased.”

“The Dow has now erased *the entirety* of gains made since January 2017 when Donald Trump took office,” said Matt McDermott, Vice President Whitman Insight Strategies.

Conservative actor James Woods quickly crushed the liberal pollster, calling him “vile”:

The Associated Press reports the market has been “highly volatile” throughout the coronavirus outbreak as uncertainty continues to plague investors:

Markets remain highly volatile a day after their worst loss in three decades as traders remain uncertain about how badly the coronavirus will hit the economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped more than 600 points in early trading, fell 200, then was nearly unchanged after the first half-hour of trading. lt lost nearly 3,000 points a day earlier after President Donald Trump said a recession may be on the way.

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The Trump administration is proposing a roughly $850 billion stimulus plan to help the economy, including relief for small businesses and the airline industry, as well as a tax cut for wage-earners, sources told The Associated Press.

The travel industry has been among the industries hardest hit by the outbreak, as planes sit grounded and hotels and casinos shut their doors. Some economists say the global recession has already begun.

The S&P 500 jumped as much as 3.2% in the first minutes of trading, but the gains quickly vanished and the index was up just 0.1% at mid-morning.

As Twitchy reports, several others joined Woods in lambasting McDermott:



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