VIRAL: Matthew McConaughey Gives Comforting Message Amid Coronavirus Scare

American actor Matthew McConaughey released a video online encouraging Americans amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Together, he said, we can defeat the coronavirus.

Amid the fear and paranoia, the Texas-born actor said “in these crazy times” Americans ought to unite to “take care of ourselves and each other.”

“Let’s not go to the lowest common denominator and get paranoid,” he continued, per BizPac Review. “Let’s do our due diligence and take the precautions we need to take care of ourselves and those around us.”

“Right now, more than ever before, we’re more dependent on each other than we ever have been,” he said as businesses have been forced to lay off their staffs amid closures.

“We have an enemy in coronavirus that is faceless, that is raceless, sexless, nondenominational, and bipartisan, and it’s an enemy that we all agree we want to beat — we want to beat and we’re going to beat,” McConaughey encouraged per the report.

There’s a “green light on the other side of this red light that we’re in right now,” he said, pointing to prospective vaccines and a return to a normalized society.

“I believe that green light is gonna be built upon the values that we can enact right now. Values of fairness, kindness, accountability, resilience, respect, courage,” he added via BizPac Review, suggesting the American people could come out of the pandemic with a renewed and caring spirit.

“If we practice those things right now, when we get out of this, this virus this time might be the one time it brings us all together and unifies us, like we have not been in a long time,” the actor concluded. “So yes, let’s see if we can make some lemon that we’re in the middle of. Turn a red light into a green light.”

Watch his comments below:

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The encouraging message comes as a few of McConaughey’s fellow stars have tested positive for the Coronavirus, including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and British actor Idris Elba.

Hanks shared that he and his wife were doing well and were continuing their quarantine.

“We Hanks will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. We’ll keep the world posted and updated. Take care of yourselves!” Hanks said in a tweet.

Elba announced he tested positive but was feeling “ok.” He also said he did not have symptoms at this time.


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