MSM Leaves Out Major Detail In Reporting Arizona Man’s Death To ‘Coronavirus Cure’

A man in Arizona has died and his wife was hospitalized after the couple consumed chloroquine, a drug President Trump touted on national television as a possible cure to the coronavirus—at least, that’s how the story is being reported.

CNN, Axios, NBC News, and others reported that the couple self-medicated and took this drug to cure themselves of the coronavirus per Trump’s direction, attributing blame squarely on his shoulders.

From NBC News:

An Arizona man has died after ingesting chloroquine phosphate — believing it would protect him from becoming infected with the coronavirus. The man’s wife also ingested the substance and is under critical care.

The toxic ingredient they consumed was not the medication form of chloroquine, used to treat malaria in humans. Instead, it was an ingredient listed on a parasite treatment for fish.

The man’s wife told NBC News she’d watched televised briefings during which President Trump talked about the potential benefits of chloroquine. Even though no drugs are approved to prevent or treat COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, some early research suggests it may be useful as a therapy.

And, from CNN:

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But that’s not the whole story.

The couple did not take the drug under guidance from a medical professional, as Trump recommended. The couple consumed a fish cleaner without any guidance. The couple also did not have the coronavirus but was taking it as a preventative.

Several people online dunked on the false reports that were written to swipe the president amid the ongoing pandemic:

NBC News’ Heidi Przybyla wrote a thread online about the couple, including more information on why the couple ended up taking the drug:

H/T: Twitchy