‘I Think It’s A Disgrace’: Trump Responds After Pelosi’s Latest Attack

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded off on President Trump during CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, drawing a response from Trump on Monday morning

During a call-in interview with “Fox & Friends,” Trump called the comments “sad” and said Pelosi was “a sick puppy” for continuing to politicize the coronavirus.

“It’s a sad thing. Look, she’s a sick puppy, in my opinion. She really is. She’s got a lot of problems,” Trump responded per Independent Journal Review. “That’s a horrible thing to say.”

“Don’t forget, she was playing the impeachment game,” the president continued. “You know, her game where she ended up looking like a fool. … All she did for the first long time was impeach, impeach. She didn’t do anything. She couldn’t get bills passed. She’s controlled by the radical left, by AOC plus three.”

“For her to make a statement like that, I think it’s a disgrace,” Trump added per the report. “I think it’s a disgrace to her country, her family.”

Trump’s comments were in response to criticism Pelosi piled on him during a segment with CNN’s Jake Tapper. In her remarks, Pelosi said Trump was leaving Americans unprepared to fight against the coronavirus and its subsequent effects on the economy.

“His denial at the beginning was deadly,” Pelosi contended, as the Daily Wire reports. “His delaying of getting equipment to where — it continues — his delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly.”

“Don’t fiddle while people die, Mr. President,” the California Democrat continued.

Pelosi then claimed Trump was at fault for not “considering relaxing federal guidelines for coronavirus for some of the less affected parts of the country.” And, for not issuing more protective measures in a bill that she crafted.

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“Let me just say how sad it is that, even since the president signing of the bill, the number of deaths reported has doubled from 1,000 to 2,000 in our country. This is such a very, very sad time for us. So, we should be taking every precaution. What the president — his denial at the beginning was deadly. His delaying of getting equipment to where —it continues — his delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly,” she said per the report.

“When did this president know about this and what did he know?” she asked. “What did he know and when did he know it? But as the president fiddles, people are dying.”

Tapper, summarizing her comments, asked very plainly: “Are you saying that his downplaying ultimately cost American lives?”

“Yes, I am,” Pelosi gleamed, via the Daily Wire. “I’m saying that, because when he made — the other day, when he was signing the bill, he said, just think, 20 days ago, everything was great. No, everything wasn’t great. We had nearly 500 cases and 17 deaths already. And in that 20 days, because we weren’t prepared, we now have 2,000 deaths and 100,000 cases.”

“We cannot continue to allow him to continue to make these underestimations — underestimates of what is actually happening here,” she continued. The Democrat leader also said Trump was acting too “casual about the Production Act that would have called upon industries for — a while ago to — making this equipment.”

“So, again, it’s no use — my granddaughter even said to me, why keep talking about, if only he had done this; if have only he had done that. Let’s put that aside for now, and let’s say what we need to do now as we go forward,” Pelosi added.

The Daily Wire reports Pelosi then said: “The fact is, it’s just the same business as usual for the president.”

She continued: “Let’s turn it back in favor of corporate America, at the expense of America’s workers, without any conditions that makes things better for America’s working families. We will not let that happen. And, as we go into another bill for more money for state and local hospitals and other priorities that I mentioned earlier we will continue to do so in a way that has conditions on any money that goes to — if there’s any other further money that would go into the business community.”

Having heard enough of Pelosi blaming Trump, Tapper asked if Pelosi was at all responsible amid the coronavirus outbreak—for not adding protections in the bill, for not uniting Congress, or for not passing additional legislation.

“Have you reached out to him to try — to try to talk to him directly?” the host asked. “Because, obviously, at a time like this, it’s important that all of our leaders are communicating as best as possible.”

“I’m the Speaker of the House,” Pelosi answered per the Daily Wire, pushing back on the notion that she is to blame. “Legislation is my responsibility, responsibility, and getting the — passing policy and passing it all. It has not required any conversations with the president on the nature of the policy or the passage of this legislation.”

“And, don’t forget, I was there for the State of the Union address and did greet the president at that time,” she added. “And, again, I hope that those who advise him, the scientists who advise him, will get him on the right track, so that he is making decisions that are in favor of ending this deadly pandemic, rather than test whether he can quarantine a state or not, as he had to reverse himself again yesterday.”

“Don’t fiddle while people die, Mr. President,” she concluded.

Watch her comments below: