NBC Host Asks Biden If Trump Has ‘Blood On His Hands’ Over COVID-19

NBC host Chuck Todd wants to know if President Trump has “blood on his hands” regarding the coronavirus and the more than 2,600 Americans that have died to it over the past three months.

So, as the Daily Wire reports, Todd asked that very question during an interview with Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden.

“Do you think there is blood on the president’s hands considering the slow response?” Todd asked during a segment on “Meet the Press.” “Or is that too harsh of a criticism?”

“I think that’s a little too harsh,” Biden said in response. “I think he should stop thinking out loud and start thinking deeply.”

“He should listen to health experts. He should listen to his economists,” the former vice president added.

What should that say about the question if even Biden, the man who will likely run against the president this November, says the criticism is “too harsh?”

GOP rapid response director Steve Guest said Todd was “completely unhinged” for asking the question, adding: “When Chuck Todd’s attacks on @realDonaldTrump are too much for even Biden, you got a problem.”

The Hill media reporter Joe Concha similarly criticized Todd over the question, saying previous “Meet the Press” host Tim Russet “would never ask a question like this.”

“Even Joe Biden didn’t take the bait to assist in a viral moment attempt,” Concha continued. “Chuck Todd served as a moderator of an NBC News debate on Feb 19, which was more than two weeks after President Trump suspended travel from China.”

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“Number of questions Todd asked any of the candidates about Coronavirus? Zero,” the reporter added.

Turning Point USA chief creative officer Benny Johnson described the segment as “infuriating, rage-inducing media gaslighting.”

Johnson also pointed out that Trump acted in January to combat the spread of the coronavirus, banning travel from China.

Here are a couple more responses per the Daily Wire: