Gary Sinise Responds To 3M Controversy: ‘What Happened To, We’re All In This Together?’

Actor Gary Sinise has joined in on criticizing 3M amid claims the multinational conglomerate is profiting off the coronavirus pandemic by selling personal protection masks to the highest bidder.

Taking to Twitter, Sinise shared a Fox News report that detailed an accusation from Florida emergency management that 3M was selling to whichever country was willing to pay the most for the masks.

“Florida emergency management official says 3M selling masks to foreign countries,” he said in a tweet with the report. “I usually don’t post on things like this, but Hey 3M! This is infuriating!”

“American companies need to be part of the solution. What happened to, ‘We’re all in this together?'” he asked.

Sinise, who has built a reputation of caring for veterans and military service members since playing Lieutenant Dan in “Forrest Gump,” then encouraged the company to reconsider the gamesmanship and instead sell to those who need the masks the most.

“Point being, when American Health Care providers and workers need masks so desperately and they seek 2 purchase them, please 3M, make sure you have not sold them all 2 other countries and Spread them around,” he said in a subsequent tweet. “Our folks need these so they can help our citizens.”

“Final comment,” Sinise added in a third tweet. “I have no problem with 3M selling 2 our friends in Canada and other countries, they need [them] also, I just have a problem when 3M has done so at the expense of being able to provide masks to US healthcare workers who day in day out into the belly of the beast at their own risk.”

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As Twitchy reports, President Trump similarly encouraged 3M to stop exporting the masks to other countries. He later signed the Defense Production Act to prevent them from doing so.

The company responded:

About the current situation: We are not aware of any orders for breathing masks from China for the Berlin police. All FFP2 respirators that we sell in Germany are made in Europe. Our manufacturing principle is “local for local”.

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