Opinion: Activist Governors Acting More Like Kings Than Public Servants

Is there a real virus hurting America and much of the world right now? Yes. Should we be staying home more than usual and closing up certain places? Absolutely. But is there also something else going on here? Undoubtedly.

Remember the fishy Rahm Emanuel who in 2008 proclaimed “Never let a crisis go to waste” during the financial collapse that year? Well, recently Obama’s former right-hand man was at it again, saying “Never allow a crisis to go to waste” when discussing the Chinese coronavirus. Let’s just say liberals in government and media members are doing exactly what Emanuel suggested and much more.

This week, liberal Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf declared schools will remain shuttered in the Keystone State for the remainder of the school year. Goodbye sports, proms, and graduations. Other states currently run by progressives have also closed things like public parks and sections of grocery stores.

Several states that seem to be taking the most drastic steps toward shutdowns are states that often lean Democrat, but went for Trump in 2016. States like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan were all game-changers for the Trump-Pence ticket four years ago. Those same states are now stripping liberties from their residents. Coincidence? Doubtful.

This is not to say that all of the moves coming out of these swing states are wrong. COVID-19 is absolutely real and absolutely dangerous. But at what cost do we fight it? Do we harm our freedom in the name of health or safety? The school year in most of Pennsylvania runs well into June. Wolf certainly could have waited until May to pull the plug completely.

Liberals love to wait for something bad to happen and then pounce on it with an old, far-left agenda disguised as a solution. When Katrina hit, they pointed to global warming. After Sandy Hook, it was gun-grabbing season. Now, many are using the coronavirus as an excuse for big government to take extreme power. Governors are suddenly acting like kings. They are telling citizens where they can and can not go. They are encouraging other citizens to snitch on their neighbors for walking the dog or simply standing outside. This is happening in America.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Translation in 2020 terms: Be smart about self-quarantines and safety but don’t allow the government to overstep.

Unfortunately, many Americans are playing the willing role of serf or peon to the activist governors. The state leader says something, and they march. Blind willingness to go with the government flow can come back to bite us all, big time. Once the pandemic is over, then what? Power-hungry pols can use the events of these months as a false or not so false precedent to dictate future actions in other situations.

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Don’t be surprised when a liberal official suggests shutting down vehicles for a few months because their ‘experts’ say ‘climate change’ is on the rise. Another night of shootings in Democrat-run Chicago could be the rationale for a ‘temporary emergency ban on gun sales’. Illegal immigration and abortion could be on the table too. They will simply point back to the shutdowns and closures of 2020 and paint it as precedent. Their crooked colleagues and the diseased media will back them.

So, what can we do? It’s simple but perhaps not easy. Through this current challenge, there are three things at stake: America’s health, America’s economy, and American liberty. We the People can preserve all three.

Staying home as much as possible and practicing social distancing seems to be working wonders. When the pandemic slows, we must still be extra careful around the elderly and sick. Maintaining strong health habits after the coronavirus subsides will go a long way.

Getting back to work will be key. People are doing their best to work from home but for some, that just isn’t cutting it. Small businesses and working-class Americans are getting particularly crushed. We must support these small businesses as much as we can now and even more so when things are up and running again.

As for our liberty, well, that’s something that must be addressed swiftly and immediately. Elected officials work for us, not the other way around. Citizens must stand up to politicians who use their position inappropriately. Since the lamestream media will surely not give us accurate info, we must do our own homework. Question, before just going along with anything, merely because ‘they said so’. Know your rights. This is still America.

In these exceptional United States, governors can strongly suggest things. They can sign bills into state law. But they are not and never will be kings. They can not ‘order’ you or ‘demand’ you to do anything. We have a Constitution that maps the whole thing out, if anyone needs to take a closer look.

While so many Americans are doing their very best to fight this invisible plague together, don’t be fooled by those with other motives. There is a contingent out there that has their sights set on the ousting of President Trump at any cost. For them, that is just as much, or in some cases, even more of a priority than attempting to fight the virus.

So, be smart. Stay home and stay safe. But stay vigilant. Our health, our economy, and our precious liberty are all at stake.


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