Joe Rogan Predicts Trump Will ‘Destroy’ Biden: ‘Like Mike Tyson Vs. A 3-Year-Old’

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Podcast host Joe Rogan thinks the presidential election this November between President Trump and unofficial Democratic nominee Joe Biden will be a lopsided affair.

Rogan, a play-by-play commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship since 1997, told his listeners on a podcast late last week that the matchup would be comparable to legendary boxer Mike Tyson taking on a 3-year-old.

As Trump and Biden are set to square things off this November, Rogan noted “it’s very strange” that the Democratic Party rigged the primary process in Biden’s favor, despite evidence of “cognitive decline.”

“It shows you how crazy the system is that they wanted him,” said Rogan, who previously backed Bernie Sanders to win the presidency, via the Daily Wire. “That they wanted Biden to be their guy, that they don’t, they can’t admit that he’s in cognitive decline. I mean it’s very strange.”

“Look if someone wants to ask me questions about things that I understand like MMA or like comedy like if you want to ask me questions about things that I think about and talk about all the time, I could talk to you and be really clear about those things and make a lot of sense,” Rogan continued, noting Biden was incapable of doing the same. “[Biden] can’t do that about politics and he’s been a politician forever.”

Rogan went on to describe Biden as “a guy who’s suffering.”

Fellow comedian and former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub is a regular on Rogan’s show and agreed with him.

“There’s no way he [Biden] beats Trump,” the guest said.

“He doesn’t beat Trump,” Rogan echoed, per the report.

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“No, [when] those two face off, Trump’s gonna light him up like a Comedy Central Roast,” Schaub added.

Rogan concluded: “[Trump’s] already dismissing [Biden]. He’s gonna destroy him. He’s gonna kill him, man. I mean it’s such an easy target, it’s like Mike Tyson versus a three-year-old.”


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