Hillary Clinton Backs WHO, Bongino Finds Glaring Similarity: ‘They’re Perfect For Each Other’

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Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may not be in the White House running the country, but she does have a thing or two to say about the man who is.

Taking to Twitter, Clinton rebuked President Trump for suspending funds to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The international body is supposed to help protect the world from a global pandemic, like the coronavirus. The WHO is also uniquely backing China, where the COVID-19 started, in echoing its talking points to sidestep any blame.

“@WHO is on the front lines of this pandemic, providing advice, training, and equipment crucial to saving lives—including Americans,” Clinton said in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, before criticizing her former 2016 rival. “Cutting their funding is not only dangerous—Trump doesn’t have the authority to do it. He should know: violating spending laws got him impeached.”

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino quickly scolded the former first lady, saying the WHO’s lack of credibility makes it and Clinton “perfect for each other.”

“The WHO is as credible as Hillary and her dossier. They’re perfect for each other.”


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Red State reports Clinton’s swipe is a page out of the Leftist’s playbook, one that started with Democratic members of Congress:

Where did Hillary get the idea for her latest hit on Trump? It’s the new, Nancy Pelosi-approved Democratic talking point. A simple google search indicates that every lamestream media outlet has published some version of it. CNBC, which has been carrying water for the Clintons forever published an article entitled, “Trump’s WHO funding threat echoes action that got him impeached, Democrats say.” The piece sums up how the House Democrats plan to spin Trump’s decision when they try to impeach him a second time this fall. The author highlights the three main points:

Democrats said President Donald Trump lacks the authority to halt funding to the World Health Organization already approved by Congress.

They argued he would violate the same laws the administration ran afoul of when it froze military aid to Ukraine, a move that led to the president’s impeachment in the House.

In announcing the decision to pull funding from the WHO, Trump said the United Nations agency mismanaged the early stages of the outbreak.