‘Arguably the Most Racist Ad I’ve Ever Seen’: Internet Rallies Against Chinese Laundry Ad

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An advertisement from a Chinese laundry company is bringing some rare unity to people on the internet as nearly everyone is calling it “the most racist ad” they’ve ever seen.

The ad features a mixed couple doing tasks around the house: he is painting and she is doing laundry.

Twitchy reports any familiarity with the scene ends right there as she then feeds him a detergent pod and puts him in the washer… only for him to emerge as another race:

So she sticks some sort of laundry detergent pod in the young black man’s mouth, shoves him into the washer, and after what sounds like a pretty painful rinse cycle, out pops a fairly clean and sparkling Chinese guy.




Watch the ad below:

It’s almost unbelievable.

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Here’s how some more people responded: