New Hard-Hitting Ad Shows Pelosi’s Elitism While Americans Are Suffering 

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The Trump campaign has released a new advertisement showing the severity of the coronavirus and its economic impact while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brags about not funding the Paycheck Protection Program.

“They ask for a quarter of a trillion dollars in 48 hours. I don’t think so,” the California Democrat can be seen saying in the video, cut over breaking news segments of American workers unemployed and struggling.

The ad then shows Pelosi share that she is surviving stay-at-home orders with two $24,000 refrigerators stocked full of ice cream.

“Americans are losing their jobs,” letters on the screen read.

“Thousands have been forced to wait for hours at food banks,” a voiceover says as the video cuts back to Pelosi and her ice cream.

Townhall reports:

Small businesses across America have had to close up shop because they are not deemed “essential.” They have had to lay off employees. And some are even having to permanently close their business. Going months without any cash flow has ravaged American families and businesses and yet Pelosi seems to think this is all fun and games and politics as usual. It’s why she derailed a bipartisan, bicameral stimulus agreement at the last minute. Instead of worrying about Americans, she was focused on pushing her far-left agenda and wish list. Instead of getting things done so Americans could see relief, she tried attaching stupid things, like offsetting airline emissions by 2025, bailing out the United States Postal Service and forcing the federal minimum wage to increase to $15 an hour.

Check it out:

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BizPac Review reports:

As businesses struggle to stay afloat and Americans face daunting job loss numbers due to the economic shutdowns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats have been playing games with an extension to the Paycheck Protection Program aimed at financially helping small businesses.

Getting even the coronavirus relief package passed was a challenge as Democrats fought over adding additional funding for their pet projects while the nation faced spiraling death tolls, stay-at-home orders and business closures. Republicans continue to press for a re-funding of the critical PPP which exhausted its funds last week, but Democrats keep up their haggling over details and additions.

The stinging video ad juxtaposed video clips highlighting Americans struggling with job losses and standing in line at food banks against the stunning excerpts of Pelosi’s video interview on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

The ad shows an obvious contrast to how elitists and everyday Americans are experiencing the coronavirus and its subsequent economic impact differently.

“This is one of the most devastating political ads I’ve ever seen,” conservative blogger Matt Walsh tweeted in response to the ad.

Conservative pundit Jason Howerton described Pelosi’s incident as an “optics disaster.”

Check out these other reactions:

Pelosi is not the only one being criticized for the elitist behavior as many other Hollywood actors and directors are scolding Americans for trying to get back to work while they are tucked away in their ivory towers.


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