Breitbart Writer On Trump/Lysol: Media Is ‘Aggressively Manufacturing This Narrative’

Mainstream media is straight going wackadoo with the narrative that President Trump told Americans to inject themselves with bleach or other disinfectants to kill the coronavirus.

He didn’t.

But what’s a little truth to stand in the way of dunking on the president?

Breitbart News content writer John Hayward took to Twitter in a series of tweets to explain mainstream media was “aggressively manufacturing this narrative.”

While Hayward admits “Trump chose his words poorly, with a layman’s enthusiasm for complex medical treatments,” the president “did not come anywhere near telling anyone to shoot up with Lysol.”

“Absolutely no one would think he had, if DNC Media was not aggressively manufacturing this narrative,” he added in an initial tweet.

Hayward continued in another: “This entire cooked-up media storyline is equivalent to saying Barack Obama advocated invading and annexing Canada when he said there were 57 states.”

“You can ding politicians for clumsy phrasing, slips of the tongue, or talking too much without putting words in their mouths,” he tweeted.

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Hayward said viewers need to look no further than the claim itself.

“Amazing how quickly DNC Media outlets stopped even trying to quote Trump verbatim and began swapping in more outrageous words instead of ‘disinfectant,'” he tweeted. “They clearly knew they had to do some surgery on the quote to get the narrative they wanted.”

In addition to their coverage not even being consistent, mainstream media is also leaving out crucial context to Trump’s comments according to Hayward.

“You only have to go through another page or two of the transcript to see what Trump was talking about, but suddenly our Guardians of Truth, the gatekeepers of context, the only people qualified to tell the Whole Story, decided that was too much trouble,” he tweeted.

Hayward then alleged mainstream media was intentionally misrepresenting the president’s remarks as the truth would not be making headlines.

“They could have gotten a fair hit on Trump for riffing on complicated medical techniques, but that wouldn’t be much of a story, would it?” he asked.

So, mainstream media opted for a more eye-catching and wrong quote.

“So instead we got a manufactured media APB, blast headline news coverage of something TRUMP DID NOT SAY, based on taking a few seconds of his remarks completely and maliciously out of context – based on a phantom fear that some idiots will grab syringes and shoot up with Lysol,” Hayward tweeted.

“This whole garbage story is the worst kind of Fake News,” Hayward concluded. He then alleged the goal of modern mainstream media was to create a lie and get everyone to talk about it because ” If everyone’s talking about it, it MUST be true!”

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