‘Not Worth The Time And Effort’: Trump Suggests Ending Daily Briefings

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President Trump could be bringing an end to the daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings amid claims mainstream media outlets continue to bother and ask “nothing but hostile questions.”

Trump has been joined by Vice President Pence, Dr. Deborah Brix, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, to present Americans with important information relating to the coronavirus, its spread, possible cures or vaccines, socials distancing guidelines, and the coronavirus’ economic impact.

But, perhaps no more, as he claims mainstream media are fighting him at every turn only to present “fake news” to their viewers.

“What is the purpose of having White House News conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately,” Trump asked on Twitter. “They get record ratings, & the American people get nothing but Fake News.”

“Not worth the time & effort!” the president added.

The Daily Wire reports the tweet came after mainstream media reporters continued to press the president about comments he made on Friday about disinfectants:

Friday was Trump’s shortest presser of the coronavirus pandemic — a mere 25-minute briefing with no question and answer period. The president clearly cut the briefing short after finding himself under a deluge of criticism for allegedly suggesting that Americans inject themselves with bleach or other chemical disinfectants to fight the virus — a “suggestion” that was either a question about complex UV and disinfectant treatments on which the president had been counseled or a “sarcastic” remark to a reporter, as the president later claimed.

Either way, the suggestion, which went viral, caused a media frenzy, with outlets reporting on an increase of calls to poison control and issuing dire warnings against drinking Clorox.

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Trump’s decision to nix the briefings came after consulting with “three or four” White House officials who advised him against continuing them, Axios reported Saturday.

“They’ve told him he’s overexposed and these appearances are part of the reason polls aren’t looking good for him right now against Joe Biden,” the outlet said.

“I told him it’s not helping him,” an unidentified adviser to the president added per the report. “Seniors are scared. And the spectacle of him fighting with the press isn’t what people want to see.”


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