NYM: ‘Biden Is At His Best When He’s Neither Speaking Nor Appearing In Public’

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Joe Biden could actually be benefiting from lockdown orders as they are allowing him to stay out of the public square and away from the media spotlight, according to New York Magazine.

According to the report, a few of Biden’s video conferenced interviews with mainstream media outlets show him stumble over basic questions and stare down at his notes for extended periods of time. So, is the Biden campaign enjoying the benefits of not having their candidate out campaigning these last couple of months?

New York Magazine reports: “Joe Biden’s most effective campaign strategy has been to lie low and let people vote for whatever imagined version of Joe Biden congealed inside their heads.”

The report points to Biden’s recent interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, where the two discussed his accuser Tara Reade. According to the report: “Biden proved to be an uninspiring spokesperson for himself, fumbling his words at times and cutting himself off mid-sentence, unprompted.”


It vividly distilled his party’s bigger plight. With the general election looming, Democrats have organized, rationalized, and voted themselves into the unenviable but richly earned position of having a presumptive nominee who’s at his best when he’s neither speaking nor appearing in public. While other campaigns busied themselves with big plans, stirring rhetoric, and disruptive ideological positions, Biden’s candidacy has been judged by one criterion to the exclusion of all others: whether it’s up to the task of beating President Trump. Poll after poll has shown that Democrats privileged this metric in an outsize manner when winnowing the primary field, which included contenders who diverged negligibly from Biden in both demographic and ideological terms. But what the other candidates lacked has proved to be determinative: a career long, resilient, and ideologically contortive enough to have produced allies and admirers at every level of American politics, and the imprimatur of serving under the party’s most mythologized figure, President Obama.

Biden has come a far way from being an enjoyable meme machine while serving under Obama as he has now become his biggest opponent in the Democratic primary.

On several occasions, Biden has said or done something that damaged his own campaign without any prompting from others (via New York Magazine):

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He reminisced fondly about working with segregationists, even as his record as a busing opponent, “tough on crime” zealot, and architect of punitive criminal-justice policy came under fire. He joked glibly about asking permission to touch his supporters, shortly after more than half a dozen women came forward with accounts of him touching them inappropriately. Perhaps most damning to the prospect of his running a presidential administration come January, to say nothing of four to eight years from now, the 77-year-old proved to be senescent, leaving thoughts unfinished in his public remarks, going off on tangents from which there was little hope of returning, and stumbling through debate appearances while his opponents ran roughshod over his stream of gaffes.

Biden isn’t being pressed on hard issues and misspeaking out of not knowing what to say, he’s volunteering the mishaps. But, he’s the best Democrats have to run against Trump.


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