New COVID-19 Poll Shows Drastic Difference Between NYC And Rest Of America

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There is no doubting the coronavirus is affecting different parts of the United States differently. Some areas are devastated while many others could be seeing little to no impact at all.

Compare how you are seeing the effects to someone living in New York City, the most affected-area in the U.S.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll, three in every four New York City residents know at least one person affected by the coronavirus. That figure does not mean affected by closures or furloughs, that’s a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

Twitchy reports the poll also shows 46 percent of New York City residents know at least one person who died to the disease.

Check it out:

The poll went on to ask participants whether or not they approved of the government’s response to the global pandemic, many of them siding with Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio than President Trump.

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Twitchy adds: “This is what’s causing the disconnect between the national media, out of New York City and DC, and the rest of America. They are living a different reality than millions of us, and it shows. President Trump, for example, is far below Gov. Cuomo in terms of approval rating in the state.”

And, as for how long the coronavirus and subsequent closures could last, the participants were torn 47-47 in whether they would last a year or more.

The poll also asked how comfortable residents would be with a return to normalcy: would they venture out and where would they go?

According to the results, just over a majority (56 percent) of participants said they would venture to a friend’s home—but no further.

A minority of the participants said they would go back to work (47 percent), to eat at a restaurant (27 percent), fly in an airplane (23 percent), use public transportation (20 percent), or attend a sporting event (14 percent).


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