Trump Tweets ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ Liberals Still Find A Way To Complain

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Can President Trump do anything that will please Democrats? Probably not if his Mother’s Day tweet is any indicator.

Only looking at the replies to his tweet would lead any person to assume Trump said something super controversial as liberals are complaining, criticizing it, and are saying some of the vilest things in response.

So, what sparked the outrage?

Three simple words: “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Oh, the horror! Check it out:

Pop Culture reports the tweet came after a flurry of other tweets from Trump, concerning the coronavirus, the Obama administration and political endorsements, but the Mother’s Day really set liberals off.

From the report:

Outspoken critics of the president on Twitter remarked that he should be taking a more mournful tone in general considering that the U.S. has now lost over 80,000 people to the pandemic. Some got more personal, leaving comments on Trump’s own family arrangement, including the three different wives he has had kids with over the years.

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All in all, the response to Trump’s Mother’s Day message did not strike an overwhelmingly positive tone on Sunday morning.

Check it out:

There were at least some positive responses to Trump’s tweet:


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