Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Sparks Controversy With Alleged Comment About US Military

Isra Hirsi, the daughter of Democratic Congressman Ilhan Omar, uploaded a video to social media where she allegedly calls US soldiers “b**ches” and says they are “actively killing innocent children abroad.” She later denied this claim, but the video speaks for itself.

In the video Isra uploaded, she is responding to an initial video from US service members partaking in a social media prank. The prank has a person “hide” a camera only to later discover it and insult it, making it appear as the person is speaking directly to the viewer.

The service members call the viewer (in this case Isra) a “b**ch” and she responds.

“I know that this is a joke, but the fact that these men are calling me a b**ch while they are actively killing innocent children abroad and also furthering American imperialism makes me think they are actually the b**ch,” Isra is seen saying in the video.

Watch below (the video has a brief but uncensored use of profanity):

BizPac Review reports Omar’s daughter denied that she unsolicitedly profaned the US service members.

“The men in the video clearly call those watching “b**ches”, which is why I used the word,” Isra tweeted, referring to a website article on the incident.

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BizPac Review adds:

Omar is a Somali refugee who immigrated to the U.S. in 1992, she would become one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress in 2018. Her three children were all born in the U.S.

While Omar’s marriage history is a mess, her children are with Ahmed Hirsi, who she reportedly had a “faith-based” marriage with, while legally married to another man — a man who may be her biological brother, who she allegedly married for immigration purposes.

Omar would eventually divorce her alleged brother and legally marry Hirsi, only to later leave him after allegedly having an extramarital affair with a campaign consultant. After the couple’s quick divorce, Omar married the consultant, Tim Mynett, in March 2020 — the lawmaker has steered hundreds of thousands of dollars to her now-husband’s political consulting firm.



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