Feminist On Biden Accuser: ‘Believe Women’ Does Not Mean ‘Believe All Women’

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is facing a serious allegation of sexual assault by a former staffer so where is mainstream media? And where are all the feminists — the ones who nearly derailed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process?

Biden’s accuser has more than half a dozen corroborating witnesses, so where’s the coverage?

Lawyer and author Jill Filipovic took to Twitter to explain why feminists are sitting this one out.

According to her, the feminist movement never said that all women should be believed (even though many of those reading this surely know they did).

“Feminists never said ‘Believe all women’ – the right inserted the ‘all.’ Feminists said ‘Believe women’: that is, start with the assumption that women are telling the truth instead of reflexively doubting them,” she explained.

“You are not going to find a feminist who says ‘women never ever lie. Believe all women,'” she continued. “You will find lots of feminists who say ‘there is a long-standing presumption that women lie about sexual violence, and we need to reverse that. Believe women.'”

She then addressed Biden accuser Tara Reade directly: “The point here is not whether Reade is lying or not. I don’t know! The point is that when you hear someone say, ‘but FEMINISTS SAID BELIEVE ALL WOMEN,’ trust that that’s a cynical gotcha from someone who has zero investment in either truth or feminism.”

But. They. Did.

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Check out how some people responded to Filipovic’s defense: