CNN Host Jokes During Interview With NY Gov Brother, Sparks Controversy Online

CNN host Chris Cuomo hosted his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during a segment on his show where the two joked about getting tested for the coronavirus.

Pulling out two giant swabs from off-screen, the younger Cuomo asked his brother if the larger tools were what a nurse used to swab his nose (a reference to his brother’s larger nose).

The two men continued their joke online with the CNN host sharing a video segment of the exchange.

“Which swab was it?” Chris Cuomo asked:

“It’s well known that I have a tiny, button nose. Please stick to the facts on your show, little brother,” responded to his brother.

While some people online appreciated the humor, many others did not. Some even commented that the CNN host failed as a journalist to challenge his brother’s governing decisions.

Check out these responses, via Twitchy:

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