POLL: 36 Percent Of Americans ‘Less Interested’ In COVID-19 Vaccine If Trump Recommends It

A new poll conducted between May 13-19, of 4,428 adults shows a person’s politics could be the deciding factor in whether or not they get a coronavirus vaccine.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll on the coronavirus and a potential vaccine shows more than a third of Americans would be “less interested” in taking a vaccine if Trump recommends it.

As the Daily Wire reports, the survey first asked participants how likely they would be to get a flu vaccination.

Respondents mostly agreed with 44 percent saying they would “definitely get the flu vaccine” this year and 15 percent saying they “plan” to get it. Only 11 percent said they “probably won’t” get it and another 16 percent indicated they definitively “won’t get the flu vaccine.”

The survey then shifted to the coronavirus.

Check it out:

38% of respondents said they are “very interested,” and 27% said they are “somewhat interested,” for a combined 65% who are overall “interested” to some degree.

10% said they are “not very interested,” and 14% said they are “not at all interested” in a COVID-19 vaccine, for a combined 24% who are overall uninterested to some degree.

11% were “not sure.”

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42% of respondents said they would not be interested in a vaccine because “the risks of taking a new vaccine outweigh any benefits.”

15% said they would not be interested because they are “not at risk of getting coronavirus/COVID-19.”

27% said they would not be interested because they “do not think the vaccination will work to protect [them] from infection.”

35% said they would not be interested because they “do not trust the people who are creating/developing vaccines.”

16% said they “don’t like to get shots.”

48% said they are “nervous about a new vaccine that has been approved so quickly.”

As for who recommends taking the vaccine, respondents showed which groups of people or organizations they trust most.

If the potential vaccine were approved by the Food and Drug Administration, 57 percent of respondents said they would make “more interested.” Only 7 percent said they would be “less interested.”

When the poll asked about Trump’s endorsement of a potential vaccine, only 14 percent said they would be “more interested.” A whopping 36 percent of Americans said they would be “less interested” in getting a vaccine if Trump promoted it. The largest group, 37 percent, said they would be “no more or no less interested.”

The Daily Wire adds:

Broken down into political ideologies, 55% of Democrats and 36% of independents said they would be “less interested” in a vaccine if the president said it was safe versus 13% of Republicans who said the same.

Further, trust in American and European-made vaccines was higher among respondents, 46% of whom said that if the “vaccine is developed in China,” they would be “less interested.” This is compared to 14% who would be “less interested” by a European-developed vaccine, and 5% who would be “less interested” by an American-developed vaccine.


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