‘What Success Are You Hoping To Have Attacking People That Have Nothing To Do With This?’ Black City Council Member Can’t Hold Back Tears As He Sees 14-Year-Olds Being Told To Attack Police Officers

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Cincinnati City Councilman Jeff Pastor got teary-eyed in a viral video of him explaining what he saw in Downtown Cincinnati with a group of people protesting the killing of George Floyd.

Just after 2 a.m. on Saturday, Pastor told local news channel anchor Helena Battipaglia that he ventured down Main Street and saw the protesters instructing 14-year-olds to hate and attack police officers.

He said the sight broke his heart as some of them were students and that the officers had nothing to do with the murder in Minneapolis.

“I’ve been down here and we first started on Main Street. And I saw that they were coming and they were getting a little aggressive. And so my idea was not necessarily just to protect the cops but it was just to protect the people. And what I can’t understand is that this is Cincinnati police,” he said during the interview with WLWT, as Cincinnati.com reports. “This is not Minneapolis police. And what they’re doing is just absolutely horrendous.”

“As a member of City Council, this is my first time ever seeing something like this. When this first happened in 2001, I was only 17 years old, right? I can’t understand for the life of me what is going on right now in the city of Cincinnati.”

Pastor said he was going to remain on the streets to make sure residents remained safe, but broke down when he explained he saw 14-year-olds kids being encouraged to participate in the violence.

He said, per the report:

And I’m gonna be here until these folks and other folks that are protecting. Let me tell you something: There are people down here who are encouraging 14-year-old kids. These babies are 14 years old, man, and they’re encouraging them to throw bottles at these f—ing cops. And these grown people are encouraging our babies to fight. This is not their fight! And I don’t give a f— how mad or angry you are with the f—ing – what’s happening with the police. But these 15-year-old kids have nothing to do with this, man. And these cops – black cops, white cops … they did not do anything! And I’m not here to take one side or the other. But what I’m suggesting to the people of Cincinnati is that what type of success are you going to have with attacking these people that have nothing to do with this? And what I’m saying is is that you’ve got people down here who are literally encouraging kids to attack cops. You are encouraging the kids to attack cops! And they’re using Martin Luther King to justify why these 14- and 15-year-old kids should be out here. These are former students of mine! You see what I’m saying? I am imploring that before this pops and this gets bad – they’re throwing bricks! They just threw a brick at these f—ing cops! And it’s wrong! I’m telling you it’s wrong! And I’m so nervous and I’m so scared for these kids! These are kids! There are kids across the street who live downtown … and these people are out here encouraging them. And as an elder in the African American community – if any African American is encouraging these 14- and 15-year-old kids to be out here, they are f—ing wrong! Just wrong! These cops didn’t do anything to George Floyd! They’re just wrong! I don’t give a f— how you see it – it’s wrong! And sorry for cussing!

Watch his comments below:

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