Opinion: Biden’s White House Bid May Be Gone With The Wind Thanks To Latest Liberal Lunacy

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The long-running series ‘Cops’ has been yanked from the airwaves as the cancel culture continues to throw a gigantic baby tantrum. The program has been on television since the late 80s, but with protests, rioting, and looting taking center stage of late, ‘Cops’ had to go. That’s what progressives do.

Don’t worry, though. If you’re missing ‘Cops’, there’s plenty of reality TV for you to indulge in. In fact, there’s one thing that runs 24-hours, 7-days a week. It’s sadly very real. It’s called ‘Liberals Gone Wild.’

It’s easy to find. It’s on every single channel. It’s comedy meets horror. It’s real reality, at least in the minds of liberals.

Along with the canceling of ‘Cops’, the censorship-hungry left has also come for classics and cartoons in recent days. The spineless entertainment execs handed them their ransom without a fight.

In the new show “Looney Tunes Cartoons” on the fledgling streaming service HBO Max, iconic characters Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam are getting extreme makeovers. It’s not their looks that are changing but instead liberals are coming for their guns. Sounds a lot like the real world.

Elmer Fudd, known for hunting, will no longer tote a firearm. Yosemite Sam, known for firing his pistols in the air (you know, like how Joe Biden told us to do it with our shotguns), will be stripped of his trademark weapons. It’s all in the name of nonsense.

Neither HBO Max nor the show’s creator Peter Browngardt has said exactly why gun control has come to Tune Town.

Animation isn’t the only target. One of the most celebrated, popular, beloved films of all-time is also apparently not ‘woke’ enough. Gone With The Wind is gone from HBO Max. The 1939 Civil War epic is getting the boot because it ‘glorifies slavery’.

The editing or elimination of TV shows and movies is the 2020 version of book burning. This is hardly surprising. It’s just another step in the game of control. A society that just willingly allowed governors to order them under house arrest and followed a demand to don masks, surely wouldn’t have a problem with their entertainment being slashed or chopped up.

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Heck, while you’re at it, let’s erase actual history too. They are. Countless Christopher Columbus statues have been torn down or vandalized. Robert E. Lee is on his way out in Virginia. Even a statue of Carolina Panthers former owner Jerry Richardson has been removed, with the team citing ‘safety concerns’ as the reason.

Fiction or real-life history, all must be eliminated or edited to fit a narrative. No more police, no more guns, no more history. Just safe spaces and nonsense.

There may be a big surprise waiting for those behind all of this. Many Trump supporters are being very quiet right now. They are disgusted with the treatment of our police officers and sick of the cancel culture when it comes to anything and everything else. These radical moves may just be helping President Trump’s reelection efforts. The silent majority is ready to unleash a monster vote come November. That reality can not be edited.

As usual, liberals have taken something tragic and have manipulated it to fit an agenda. They did it with Katrina and Sandy Hook. They’re now doing it with the death of George Floyd. In the end, though, their insane reactions may be one of the top reasons why Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency is ultimately gone with the wind.

Now, I need to go make sure Chase is still allowed to be on “Paw Patrol”.


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