If Kneeling Is Really ‘Not About The Flag’, Here’s A Chance For Athletes To Prove It [Opinion]

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To kneel or not to kneel? That is the question. Or at least it will be at the next NASCAR race this weekend and whenever the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL get going again. The Kaepernick crowd thinks kneeling during our national anthem is a great form of peaceful protest. The Trump crowd believes kneeling during our anthem, in front of our flag, is disrespectful to our troops, our veterans, the flag itself, and our country as a whole.

How about instead of all this back and forth, all this boycott this or that, all this ‘who kneeled today?’ garbage, we solve this problem with good old commonsense?

If players are so hellbent on protesting, or as many say ‘bringing the problem of police brutality’ to the masses, why don’t we have a moment of silence before sporting events? During this time, players, coaches, officials, and fans can kneel, stand, sit, pray, wave, breakdance, meditate, sleep, zone out, stare, daydream, or just plain coexist. Those bumper stickers have been telling us to do that for years. Shouldn’t that work for all involved?

Then, after this spectacle, we can all stand for the flag and the national anthem. You know, like actual patriotic Americans.

Objections? I’m sure there are many. Mostly from our friends on the left. But, why?

Athlete after athlete, entertainer after entertainer, politician after politician keeps telling us that the protests have NOTHING to do with the American flag. NOTHING, they say. OK. Then why is the kneeling and ‘peaceful protesting’ always done when the flag is presented?

Back up your words. If the kneeling has NOTHING to do with our flag then let’s all kneel, or not, during this ‘moment of silence’. If the flag or anthem does play a role in the protesting, then say that. But, stop saying the flag has nothing to do with this and then continue to kneel, only when the flag is presented.

Players say they want to protest the treatment of black people by police. OK. An American flag and “The Star-Spangled Banner” are not necessary for that type of protest.

If this option is put out there (which it won’t be because we all know these leagues don’t like to admit they didn’t think of something on their own), players would be able to truly show that their protests have nothing to do with the flag. If this proposal were instituted and athletes still protested during the anthem, it would prove once and for all, that all of this has a lot to do with our flag.

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It’s all mapped out. Institute a ‘moment of silence’ before each sporting event and then go in to our traditional ceremony, honoring our flag and our exceptional country.

Anyone who dared to bring up the flag in recent days has been mocked and ridiculed. You must be dumb to think these protests have anything to do with the flag, they say. It’s all about social justice and not the flag, we’re told. OK. Let’s show everyone that that is indeed the case. Remember, it’s all about actions, not just words, right? We’ve been told that a lot lately as well. So, let’s just do it.

Why is this so hard? If the protests aren’t about the flag, this should be a slam dunk.


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