7-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral For Praying With Local Police Officers Amid Nationwide Protests

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The despicable actions of a few police officers in Minneapolis have caused widespread criticism of the larger police force, but a 7-year-old from Oklahoma is doing his part to change the narrative.

He’s trying to teach there are not only good officers, but good citizens who support them, pray for them, and want to help.

The Western Journal reports the Tulsa community has seen protests against police brutality since George Floyd was killed by extrajudicial means several weeks ago.

“Tulsa had a really big peaceful protest on Sunday, and then Sunday night it turned into rioting and businesses being destroyed — busted out windows, things like that in our area,” Trey’s mother, Brittany Elliot, said to the Western Journal. “So, Monday I was telling Trey about it because we drive right through that area.”

“I was just kind of explaining it to him and explaining to him what was going on and the difference between protesting and rioting, and what was happening with our police officers,” she said, noting she was particularly caught off by his response.

“And so he said, ‘I think I’d like to pray for the officers’ … which is a lot coming from him because he does not enjoy praying out loud,” she said.

So Trey did. And, continues to do so in what has become a viral movement.

Brittany Elliott continued: “All he hopes is that other people think to pray for their own officers and their own towns. That’s the whole idea behind Trey’s movement.”

“Get outside of your own head, get off social media for a little bit and if you see that officer at the coffee shop or at the gas station, just stop and ask them, ‘Would you be OK if I prayed over you?’”

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“Because it probably means a lot more to them than you would even think,” she continued via the Western Journal.

The report adds:

In the days that followed, photographs and video of Trey praying over scores more Tulsa Police Department officers would go viral on social media, leading officers to seek him out at public events and even at home.

One of the officers Trey prayed with was Tulsa Police Department Chief Wendell Franklin, who shared the moment on social media.

“Trey prayed for our community, police department and me today,” Franklin wrote. “It was an honor to meet this young man involved in his own mission to bring our community together.”

“He is that mustard seed planted which yields a tree used by all,” he added, referring to one of Jesus’ Sermon.




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