‘Protesting Isn’t Going to Change Anybody’: Texas Man Says ‘Only Jesus’ Can Change Hearts And Lives

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More than 100,000 people have shared a video on social media of Jerry Roberts, a Texas farm manager, telling people “there’s only one thing that’s going to change people.”

Roberts, who is black, said in the viral video that ongoing protests are not “going to change anybody,” FaithWire reports.

Instead, Roberts said religion could be the catalyst for change in the hearts and lives of people across the country.

FaithWire reports Roberts said:

Protesting isn’t going to change anybody. Protesting is not gonna change anything. There’s only one thing that’s going to change people and that is Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, sanctification of the world of the living God. John chapter 17 verse 17, that is the only thing that’s going to change people’s lives. God is the only one that’s gonna give you a new heart and a new spirit. That’s it. God himself. The living God. The God and Father the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So what we need to do is turn to the Bible and stop turning to social media and stop turning to the ways of the ungodly.

We don’t do things the way the world does things.

What manner of conversation are you having?

You’re falling into Satan’s trap. Satan wants us talking about the things of this world. He wants to talk about this word called racism that the world come up with – which is really the word respecter of person.

We should not be surprised at the things going on in this world when the Bible clearly explains the things that are happening today.

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Roberts encouraged people to evaluate the contents of their conversations and to speak positively to others.

“Make sure you’re someone speaking about things that edify. We have so much more to be talking about than the things of this world,” he said.

Roberts added: “Know the state of your flock. You have people in your flock that are not born again. When you’re up on the pulpit talking about the things of this world, you’re feeding that monster that’s already inside of them. You’re feeding that raging temper, so be careful about what you’re talking about.”

The Texas native also encouraged people to respect those in authority, from police officers to politicians.

He concluded that all lives matter so everyone should be treating others with respect and care.

“While the world is slandering and beating down those in authority, 1 Timothy chapter 2 verse 2 tells us we should be praying for authority,” he concluded. “I heard this thing that black lives matter. Listen, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ all lives matter not just African American lives because Jesus died for all. Every life on this earth matters.”

Watch his comments below:

What are you talking about?

Posted by Jerry Roberts on Tuesday, June 9, 2020