Hillary Tries To Dunk On Trump With COVID Testing, Backfires Big Time When People Bring Up Her Record

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Hillary Clinton attempted to score some political points by dinging her former political rival, President Trump, in a tweet about the number of coronavirus cases in the United States.

Her tweet came shortly after Trump appeared during a town hall in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. During the segment, the two discussed why the number of confirmed coronavirus cases was rising in the U.S.

Trump attributed the rising number to increased testing and suggested that other countries have much lower figures because they are not testing.

“So, we have more cases because we do the greatest testing. If we didn’t do testing, we’d have no cases. Other countries — they don’t test millions. So we’re up to almost 30 million tests. So when you do 30 million, you’re going to have a kid with the sniffles, and they’ll say it’s coronavirus — whatever you want to call it,” Trump said during the interview.

“In some cases, it’s people that didn’t even know they were sick. Maybe they weren’t. But it shows up in a test,” he continued. “So they’ll say 30 million tests. Now you have a big percentage of that. But other countries do very few tests, so it shows they have very few cases.”

Trump’s point was the U.S. is leading the world in the number of cases because it is leading the world in testing. These go hand-in-hand.

While liberals and mainstream media outlets are trying to ding Trump for the U.S. topping the coronavirus-related charts, the truth is other countries are not accurately reporting because they are not testing as much as the U.S.

This point was also completely missed by Clinton who tried to poke fun at Trump.

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“And if I don’t stick my hand out the window to feel the drops, it’s not raining,” she tweeted in response.


Her ill-intended comparison was not well received by people online who brought up her own record with her emails and her failure to save four Americans in Benghazi when she served as the Secretary of State under President Obama.

“And if I delete all my emails, I never had any emails,” conservative blogger Caleb Hull tweeted in response.

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