Report: City Of Seattle Unveils New Diversity Training For ‘Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness’

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The city of Seattle is reportedly looking to implement new diversity training for law enforcement officials to include programs identifying whiteness and the institutionalized differences between races.

The changes come after anarchists and other protesters seized a 6-block area of downtown Seattle, which they referred to as a Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). The mayor and law enforcement eventually regained control of the area after several acts of violence were reported.

Center on Wealth & Poverty Director Christopher Rufo, also a contributing editor for the City Journal, posted a series of tweets describing the new program and how officials will be taught to handle race issues.

“The City of Seattle held a training session for white employees called ‘Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,'” he said in a tweet.

First on the training is identifying different terms and how they are used to express “internalized racial oppression” by superior and inferior groups.

The program also teaches its participants on “undoing your own whiteness.”

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The program, according to Rufo, entirely blames “white people” for perpetuating a system of inequality.

The training also identifies more than just Anglo-Saxon, White American, or White European people as “white people.” This group also includes Jewish people, German, Armenian, and Arab people.

Rufo reports the only people who were invited to take the training course were these white people (identified above) and they will be held “accountable to black, indigenous, and people of color.”

While the program specifics were made available through the Freedom of Information Act requests, other questions about the trainers, budget costs, etc. were not disclosed.

And, the bill for all this is likely going to be footed by taxpayers.