Driver Who Hit Seattle Protesters, Killing One, Charged With Felony Vehicular Homicide

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The individual who drove his car through a line of Black Lives Matter protesters, hitting two and killing one, has been charged with felony vehicular homicide.

The Washington Examiner reports Dawit Kelete, a U.S. citizen from Eritrea, was also charged with assault, and reckless driving after killing 24-year-old Summer Taylor.

King County Prosecutor’s Office announced his bail is set at $1.2 million.

According to the report, Kelete could face additional charges as the State Patrol and the FBI are conducting an investigation into the events on Saturday.

The surviving victim of the incident, 32-year-old Diaz Love, was sent to intensive care and is reportedly recovering and is stable.

In a social media post, Love expressed disbelief her friend had been killed but promised to continue protesting.

“I cannot believe Summer was murdered,” Love said. “If they thought this murder would make us back down, they were wrong. Very wrong.”

Kelete’s defense has described the entire incident as an accident and claims he is “very remorseful”:

State trooper Chase Van Cleave said Kelete fled the scene after hitting the two women. Another protester at the scene hopped in a vehicle and followed him until he was able to cut Kelete off and stop his vehicle. Kelete was then booked in the King County Correctional Facility on two counts of vehicular assault.

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Kelete’s lawyer, John Henry Browne, said his client is originally from Eritrea but is now a U.S. citizen. He added that the crash was not intentional and that the incident was a “horrible, horrible accident.”

“There’s absolutely nothing political about this case whatsoever,” Browne told the Associated Press. “My client is in tears. He’s very remorseful. He feels tremendous guilt.”



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