Soros-Funded Anti-Constitution Wanna-Be-Masters Are Pinching and Poking Americans, Seeing How Much We’ll Swallow

OPINION: This article contains political commentary and reflects the author’s opinion.

Soros Funded St. Louis City Prosecutor Executes Search Warrant Against Couple Who Defended Their Home, Firearm Seized…

Obviously the Soros-Funded Anti-Constitution Wanna-Be-Masters are pinching and poking Americans, seeing how much we’ll swallow. When will enough be enough for enough of us?

The cold, still, righteous anger you all should be feeling will eventually stir. Unless that stirring just leads you to betray your conscience and run for some perceived easier existence – some greener grass where you hope ramifications and responsibility for your betrayal won’t follow – then you’d better be resilient and ready.

When you get to the point of having nothing to lose, but everything for your children’s future to gain, then tap into those of us willing to lead the cause. And this time, be bold in protecting those in whom you put your trust.

This time, stand up to politicos’ lies and media slander when it is so obvious. Otherwise, the lies stick. The unjust opposition grows. Then, a feeling of powerlessness causes collective inertia within law-abiding citizens as actions meant to fundamentally transform America escalate in audacity.

We watch and wonder, “What’s next?!”

Until enough is enough.

Often it’s one definitive act of someone that gets you to that place. That’s when you realize you have nothing to lose and you’re actually empowered to fight for what’s right.

I don’t know what it will take for enough of America’s commonsense loyalists to see our sovereignty and solvency are at stake, and if you cower and concede and betray bedrock values you’ll destroy everything you once held dear.

By God’s grace it’s not too late to get it together, America. Everyone has a part in this. When you see nefarious nonsense happening around you, speak up! Educate others. Encourage unity in whatever circle of influence you have. Publicly support those using their platforms for the right reasons. Don’t elect idiotic yahoos who don’t know history or refuse to learn from it; who don’t believe in science; who’ve never budgeted for family or business; who inexplicably claim America is the most oppressive, unappealing place in the world but refuse to leave; who practice hypocritical intolerance to the point it would be laughable if not so devastating to time-tested truths upon which the greatest country on earth stands.

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The time to act is probably sooner than we realize. Be aware and discern what every leaders’ intentions are, giving neither party a pass.

Know you’re not alone in this, Patriots. Be selfless and loyal. Strengthen your spine – you’ll then see others around you strengthen theirs!

– Sarah Palin