Not Wearing A Face Mask In Florida Country Punishable With $100 Fine

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Miami-Dade County reportedly has a 33.5 percent coronavirus positivity rate—that is 1-out-of-3 people test positive for the coronavirus across the entire county—so county officials are taking action.

In a statement released just ahead of the weekend, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners said they would be implementing “New Normal Guidelines.”

The new guidelines mandate residents to wear a personal protective face mask or covering—or face a penalty of $100.

“The Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance sponsored by District 4 Commissioner Sally Heyman that makes failure to comply with Emergency Orders a civil offense, subject to a $100 fine,” the county said according to The Daily Caller.

This order is immediately enforceable, the Miami-Dade police department said on Twitter.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez praised the “New Normal Guidelines” as a targeted effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

“This ordinance gives our County a new two-pronged approach to ensuring that everyone is following the New Normal rules so that we can more effectively tamp down the spread of COVID-19,” he said.

The Daily Caller adds:

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Florida reported more than 11,400 new coronavirus cases on Friday, bringing the state’s total to over 327,000, according to local outlet NBC 6 South Florida. Miami-Dade County reported 2,442 new cases Friday, bringing the county’s total to 77,867.

Despite the spike in Florida’s case count, Governor Ron DeSantis has not enforced a state-wide mask mandate.

“Governor DeSantis believes in a bottom up decision making process and not from the top down,” the governor’s press office told Newsweek in a statement Thursday. “The needs of each community may differ, a cookie cutter approach does not work in a diverse state such as Florida, and he supports all local efforts to defeat this virus.”


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