IT’S OFFICIAL: Democratic Veteran Of 31 Years In Office Loses Primary To Newcomer

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Congressman Eliot Engel has been the Democratic representative for the 16th district of New York for 31 years—but that came to a crashing halt on June 23 when he lost a primary contest to newcomer Jamaal Bowman.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Bowman declared himself the winner when he garnered 58 percent of the vote—well outside the margin of error.

But Engel did not give up.

Engel, who was second with 35 percent of the vote (a whopping 10,183 votes down), contested the results and would not concede.

As the weeks went on, however, winning seemed like less of a possibility. News outlets officially called the race this weekend, declaring Bowman the winner.

According to the report, Bowman will likely go on to win the heavily Democratic favored district in the general election.

Here’s more from the report:

Engel, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was first elected to represent northern Bronx and southern Westchester County in 1988.

Their race was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic before George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody on Memorial Day reshaped national politics. And Engel’s hot mic moment became a viral embarrassment after he was caught asking to speak during a press conference convened to address looting amid Black Lives Matter protests.

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“If I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care,” he said.

Endorsements from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez buoyed Bowman, the undisputed underdog, in the closing weeks of his bid.


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