BREAKING: ‘Most Promising’ Coronavirus Vaccine In Phase 3 Of Trials, Could Be Made Available As Early As October

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the entire globe with over 14.5 million global confirmed cases, including 3.7 million cases in the United States.

Earlier this year, Oxford University and AstraZeneca announced they would be teaming up to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus and they recently announced they are entering phase 3 of trials. This is the final step before the vaccine can be approved for public use.

Axios reports the potential vaccine is “the most promising candidate currently in development” and the final phase of testing could be concluded as early as October.

According to the report, several countries are in a race for the first confirmed vaccine. This race, however, could be met with a bidding war over its use.

The question of who gets the vaccine first and which country is giving the most doses could come down to who is willing to spend the most (via Axios):

What to watch: While it seems increasingly likely that a vaccine will be available by early next year — the timeline suggested by Anthony Fauci — it remains unclear who will get it first.

  • The U.K. announced today that it had bought up millions of doses not only of the Oxford vaccine but of candidates from France and Germany.

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  • That’s another sign that this could play out as a bidding war, rather than the sort of equitable distribution European leaders have discussed.

  • President Trump, meanwhile, has at times described the vaccine race in America First terms. The U.S. is pouring billions of dollars into developing and manufacturing vaccines, and expects to claim millions of doses if and when they are approved.