OPINION: Before Fauci Throws First Pitch, Baseball Takes A Knee In Front Of Our Flag

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Baseball is back! Now, take a knee. That about sums up the sad state of affairs that is professional sports. Following a pandemic that held Americans captive in their homes and riots that destroyed our cities, baseball had a chance to step up to the plate and play the role of national healer. Instead, it appears Rob Manfred’s boys will divide us even further.

The men who play and coach in Major League Baseball make a lot of money. America’s pastime has been very, very good to the Americans (and all) who partake in our great game. Baseball had the chance to provide a much-needed escape for fans who are yearning for something other than politics and bad news. Those who waited patiently for live sports to return have been counting down the days until baseball’s grand return. We are only getting 60 games instead of 162 and there will be no fans in the actual ball parks, but still, baseball is coming back. All those fans wanted, was to watch their favorite teams and players play the greatest game ever invented in the greatest country in the history of the world. But, before the first regular-season pitch is ever hurled, baseball hits us over the head with politically correct garbage.

Multiple players and coaches decided to take a knee while our national anthem was played before some recent exhibition games. As usual, the virtue-signaling largely came from white, privileged elitists. Baseball fans want to watch the game, not look at holier than thou millionaires making a spectacle of themselves in an attempt to tell the rest of us how awful our country must be. That, however, is exactly what we’re getting.

The San Francisco Giants started the kneeling antics when their manager Gabe Kapler and multiple players took a knee in front of our flag. Kapler’s actions should not surprise anyone. Kapler is a far-left liberal who has made headlines for bungling a sexual assault investigation and for his promotion of testicle tanning. A losing manager with a history of odd behavior, Kapler may be attempting to earn brownie points with progressive Frisco residents and management. When you can’t win games, win left-wing friends. Kapler is a perfect fit in PelosiTown. Along with Kapler and the Giants players who kneeled, Antoan Richardson also took a knee. The first base coach is from the Bahamas.

Some Cincinnati Reds kneeled during the anthem this week as well. Joey Votto, a Canadian, led that charge. No word on whether the outspoken, but often misinformed Votto would kneel in front of the flag of his home country.

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Keynan Middleton kneeled and raised his fist during the national anthem before his game on Monday. He says he lives “in fear”.

Instead of enjoying five-tool players, we are being held hostage by players who are tools.

What’s really scary here is the backing of the kneeling by MLB itself. From their official Twitter account, MLB tweeted full support of the protesting, pictures and all. MLB even snapped at fans who called the kneeling disrespectful. MLB tweeted “It has never been about the military or the flag. The players and coaches are using their platforms to peacefully protest.” MLB did not answer multiple tweets asking ‘If it isn’t about the flag, then why do they only kneel when the flag is presented?’ Of course, they didn’t respond.

Last month, only one team tweeted anything about Flag Day. Other than the Houston Astros, every single MLB team ignored the June 14 celebration. On Independence Day, the New York Yankees of all teams, ignored our most patriotic holiday. Multiple attempts to ask the Yanks for an explanation were ignored. MLB is making it very clear where they stand, or don’t stand, when it comes to our flag.

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On the heels of all the NFL kneeling in 2017, MLB came through for America. During the World Series between the Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB had Houston law enforcement officers perform our anthem before a game in Texas. LA LEOs did the same at Dodger Stadium. It was perfect. Baseball nailed it. Now, they look just as bad, if not worse than the NFL.

Liberals love the kneeling. On social media they continue to rip conservatives and Trump supporters. They ask ‘What will the MAGA crowd watch if they are boycotting the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, and now baseball?’ Here’s what they keep forgetting. For many Americans, things like faith, family, and yes, our flag and country, are far more important than anything we may or may not ‘watch’. The fantasy sports Millennial crowd may have a tough time understanding this, but those who are sick of the anti-American sentiment coming from pro sports have the will power and fortitude to walk away. Hitting the self-righteous millionaires in their wallets is the only way to combat the madness.

Baseball has endured the Black Sox, scuffed balls, corked bats, gambling, steroids, strikes, garbage cans, and so much more. All of that is baseball-related. As much as those scandals have left their mark on the game, fans were able to get past things, because of their love of the game. This is different. This is our flag and country being openly disrespected. MLB is encouraging that disrespect. Many fans will never return. In a season in which the Astros cheating scandal was supposed to be the most controversial thing about baseball, we are now being held hostage by a band of social justice warriors led by a kooky, underachieving manager in San Fran. Really?

This week, MLB also announced that players will have the option to wear Black Lives Matter patches on their uniforms this season. Another recipe for disaster. Those who don’t wear the ‘voluntary’ patch will be called racist. Others will be linked to BLM because they wear it out of peer pressure. So dumb. While all players believe black lives matter, lower case, that doesn’t mean they must all support, Black Live Matter, the domestic terrorist organization funded largely by white liberals.

So now what? If one player on your team kneels, do you tune out? Do you tune out anyway because of the stance from the MLB office? These are questions fans shouldn’t be dealing with. Fans should worry about standings, ERAs, and batting averages. People want sports escapism back.

This is probably rhetorical, but will any players at all have the baseballs to stand up for their country and flag? Will any players speak out for our anthem and condemn the kneeling? Probably not. Only former players have had the guts to do that. Ex-Giant Aubrey Huff has called out Kapler for his shoddy managing and his goofy kneeling. New York Mets/Philadelphia Phillies great Lenny Dykstra has ripped the Giants and Reds. Today’s stars? Silent, supportive, or on their knees. Those are the options MLB, in a cancel culture society provides.

2020 baseball- Rule changes, no fans in the stands, and kneeling in front of our flag. Sounds like a blast. Now, it is up to fans to hit MLB in the pocketbook. The problem is, sports has been a huge part of people’s lives for decades. MLB is counting on the thirst for sports to outweigh the love of country. Don’t bet on it. People are fed up.

This isn’t the hard-nosed game Dykstra played. This isn’t a game with collisions at the plate. This is the game of a liberal commissioner, complete with automatic runners on second base and Anthony Fauci throwing out first pitches.

So as Fauci throws his COVID cutter or corona change to start the virus-shortened season, fans will be keeping a close eye on the game they love. More BS from MLB will equal fewer eyes on that game. No amount of cardboard cutout fans will make up for that.

While Kapler, Votto, and others kneel, notice who is standing. Players from outside of North America have been standing tall and showing great respect for America. They know what it’s like to live in countries torn apart by socialism or communism. They love the USA much more than any spoiled, white, elitist like Kapler ever will.

We waited so long for baseball to return. Now, politics may ruin the whole thing. Hopefully, some clubs will actually respect the country that has allowed their players to make millions of dollars for playing a game.

In the meantime, perhaps MLB should think of some name changes for teams other than the Cleveland Indians. Kapler’s Giants could be the San Francisco SoyBoys. It surely fits. Hemp uniforms, Starbucks signs in the outfield. The House That Gabe Built, if you will. As for the Reds, stay pat, guys. That name is perfect. Red China would be proud of you.


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