21-Year-Old Starbucks Employee Arrested For Disgusting Act Against Police: Spits In Their Drinks, Admits It, Then Brags About It

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Police officers at a Park Ridge Starbucks were served coffee with an employee’s spit in it, according the local law enforcement who found and arrested the culprit.

As the Western Journal reports, 21-year-old Kevin Trejo, a Starbucks employee from New Jersey, was arrested this week for spitting in multiple officers’ drinks, admitting it, then bragging about it to his peers.

Their disrespect knows no bounds, Chief Joseph Madden called the act “very disturbing.”

Madden also remarked Trejo was “arrogant enough to be bragging about it” and said he was saddened that officers risk their lives daily only to be treated with vitriol by the anti-police movement.

According to the report, Park Ridge Police Department Lt. James Babcock described the incident to Fox News as “unnerving.”

“It’s just unnerving that we could go into a place, try to grab a cup of coffee, and have to deal with that when we’re trying to, you know, just grab a break,” he said on Wednesday.

“So, a lot of our guys are obviously upset; rightfully so,” he continued. “But, we are, you know, we have to, you know, fight through this. We have to be strong. And, we have to still serve our community.”

Policemen Benevolent Association president Patrick Colligan similarly commented on just how low society has sunk.

“Every time I think we as society hit bottom, there is a new incident,” Colligan said via NJ.com. “Officers risk their lives daily, it shouldn’t be while getting coffee.”

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According to the report, Starbucks spokeswoman Sara Autio said the individual does not represent the Starbucks brand, called his actions “reprehensible,” and said he had been fired.

“This individual’s behavior was reprehensible and not at all a reflection of how our employees treat our customers on a daily basis,” Autio said. “We want everyone who comes into our stores to receive a positive experience and when that doesn’t occur, we move quickly to address it and hold ourselves accountable.”


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