Civil Rights Activist Says Black People Are Being ‘Bamboozled And Hustled’ By Democratic Party Leaders

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Civil rights activist Robert Woodson has taken a stance against the failed leadership of Democratic governors and mayors across the country as he claims they are scamming black Americans.

During a segment of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Woodson said these leaders are not leading. Instead, they are leaving their residents “bamboozled and hustled and scammed.”

The activist was specifically asked about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and whether or not she cares about the people who live in her city.

“Absolutely not,” Woodson answered via the Washington Examiner. “I believe that the salvation of this country … will be the sleeping giant: when low-income blacks wake up and realize that they are being bamboozled and hustled and scammed by people like Lori Lightfoot and others ⁠— they are going to realize that they must address the enemy within.”

“The Left derives this moral authority as being of legitimate representatives of the poor,” he also said.

Woodson said Democratic leaders are sidestepping any blame for the current conditions of their cities but are perpetuating their problems through their liberal policies.

“What they are doing is falsely claiming that the failures of the last 60 years — most urban centers all over the country have been run by liberal Democrats, many of them veterans of the civil rights movement who moved from civil rights, to run these cities — they also had to spend about $22 trillion on poverty money in the cities, and as a consequence, all of these inequities that they have been talking about have been done on their watch,” he said, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Watch the exchange below:

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