New Potential Vice President Pick Jumps Onto Joe Biden’s Shortlist: ‘She’s A 49-Year-Old Two-Term Governor’

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Joe Biden has not yet selected a vice president to join him on the ballot but, with each passing day, he is getting closer to officially securing his party’s nomination and will then be required to pick someone.

Who he will select is one of the largest, most unshakeable issues facing his campaign.

At 77 years old and with potentially declining cognitive functions, political commentators have repeatedly emphasized the importance of Biden’s choice.

Politico reports a source close to the former vice president said he is looking for someone he can trust.

“He’s not kidding when he says I really want someone I’m simpatico with — someone he can trust,” the unidentified individual said. “His experience with Obama was one of genuine closeness and trust.”

The potential pick will also need to be formidable, younger, and have similarly progressive views—and be a woman, a characteristic Biden previously promised.

Politico reports the decision is particularly important “considering Biden’s commanding status in the race, as well as his age” so the person will likely “be the 47th president.”

There are a few names on his shortlist:

Elizabeth Warren.

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Kamala Harris.

Susan Rice.

According to one Democratic strategist, Harris was the likely pick.

“She’s kind of the path of least resistance,” the strategist said. “She’s a woman of color, she has enough experience, she has been through the process before. One of the many things that Obama liked about Biden is that he had been through the maelstrom.”

Another individual argued Warren could be the pick, citing her and Biden’s personal relationship.

Rice also offers a level of experience that eclipses both other contenders, however, said another strategist.

“Put yourself in the mind of Joe Biden,” the individual said, Politico reports. “Who is Joe Biden? He spent his entire adult life in the United States Senate. He’s a foreign policy maven. He really takes it seriously. So when he says I need someone on Day One to take over, that specifically means they can deal with China and Russia on Day One. To me that means it’s not going to be a mayor. And maybe not even a governor. He has a bias towards senators. But it also has to be next generation. So not Warren, who is 71. She performed significantly under expectations. That would lead you to two senators: Kamala Harris and Tammy Duckworth. Who else meets that mold? Susan Rice: ready on Day One for Russia and China.”

But, there is one name that people are not talking about: Governor Gina Raimondo.

“One person not often mentioned whom several Democrats raised was Gov. Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island. She’s a 49-year-old two-term governor who was struggling earlier in her tenure but who has recently been credited with a stellar response to the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps more importantly to Biden, she’s like him,” Politico reports. “She comes from a working-class Catholic family and rose to the highest political ranks in a small state.”

The report adds: “Raimondo would have some explaining to do for people on the left. She has had some nasty fights with unions in her state and during the Democratic primaries, she endorsed Mike Bloomberg. But if she made it to a sit-down (or Zoom chat) with Biden, she’s the kind of person you could see winning him over with some shared reminiscing about their Irish and Italian ancestors feuding in places like Wilmington and Providence.”


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