Ask Siri To Define Demon And It Will Say ‘A Police Officer,’ Here’s Why

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The word “demon” includes an informal definition of “a police officer,” according to Apple phone assistant Siri, Google’s search engine, and

All three, in different methods, correlate the two, Law Enforcement Today reports.

Check it out:

Have you every tried asking Siri the definition of a demon?

Simply say:

“Hey Siri, what is the definition of a demon?”

To our shock and disgust, Siri’s third answer is:

“Noun: A police officer”

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The same goes for Google’s search engine, used on popular web browser Google Chrome.

Typing “What is a demon” provides a definition for “Police.”

“ is no different,” Law Enforcement Today reports.

“When you ask for the definition of a demon, you are met with the typical definitions you are used to, however their number six definition is: ‘Australian and NZ informal, archaic as detective or policeman.'”

While these are not popularized definitions, they are on top search engines while the United States is grappling with race relations and the role of law enforcement.

WKRG5 reports, however, the definitions are “slang” and are “not even a particularly derogatory term.”

From the report:

This is the case in both Australia and New Zealand. The term is listed on most online accounts of Australian slang like this one.

Other slang terms for officers also show up in similar searches. “Copper” for example lists “police officer” as a definition.

Conversely, Law Enforcement Today calls the definitions “particularly disturbing” as these definitions intend to inform (or misinform) the people who read them.

The report adds:

What this shows us, is if you have an elementary school student looking up vocabulary words for homework, in order to learn their meaning, they will now see Police Officer listed in black and white print, as a demon.

The same holds true for Non-English speaking people coming to America, or learning English, looking up the proper terms for words. Someone who does not know better, and does not understand how this revolt against officers started, will think from very early on, that police are horrible evil people.


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