Poll: 77 Percent Of Women Regret Their Abortions, Describe Horrible Process

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A new poll has found that 77 percent of women who took an abortion pill to terminate a pregnancy ultimately regretted the decision.

Live Action, an anti-abortion outlet, shared the results and personal testimonies from some of the participants.

From Live Action:

The study found that:

  • 83% of the women said they were changed by their abortions, with 77% saying the change was negative.

  • 77% said they regretted their abortions.

  • 60% reported feelings of isolation and alienation.

  • 38% reported problems with anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and/or suicidal thoughts as a result of the abortion.

  • 50% said the baby’s father or other family members “used negating language as a means to justify a woman’s need for an abortion.”

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Many of these also shared detailed statements about what the abortion pill did to them physically and how abortion physicians and staff neglected to adequately inform them about taking it.

Note: The following statements are somewhat graphic in nature.

One woman described her experience with the abortion pill:

They lied to me and said they would give me some pills that would make it just like a late period with a little cramping … The pain of the contractions was so intense I felt like my intestines were pulled out slowly. I collapsed screaming on my bathroom floor, sweat, tears, blood, vomit…

Another woman said:

They told me it wouldn’t hurt and I wouldn’t feel a thing. THAT WAS SUCH A LIE. I felt everything, I heard everything, I seen [sic] everything. I ended up blacking out from the pain and puking all over myself.

A third woman said:

They told me, if you by chance are in pain you can take these pain relievers. If by chance I’m in pain? That sounded like the process would be easy and not so painful. Well NO that was not the case, within 30 minutes I felt really bad cramping. It just kept getting worse and worse. I was crying and moaning from the pain. I literally thought I was dying.

According to the report, several of these women also shared that they were told general details about the process but “ultimately this information was insufficient, limited, or misleading.”

The information was left out or excluded from the instructions and cautionary remarks included: “potential side effects, the intensity of cramping and bleeding, what to do after passing the baby, and potential negative emotions (e.g., fear, uncertainty, sadness, pain) felt after the abortion.”

The report adds: “When this comprehensive information was not communicated to them prior to taking the pills at home, women reported feeling misled, misinformed, and even deceived.”

One woman recognized by Live Action described her post-abortion life as far from normal and full of regret.

“We were told we would go back to normal and it won’t affect us but they were wrong!!! All I feel is emptiness and hatred. I used to be the happiest most positive girl. All I want is to take it back,” the woman said.

Another woman similarly described regretful feelings that have remained with her.

“I thought maybe after the due date I would feel better, but it doesn’t end there. It NEVER ends! The pain and emptiness stays there forever,” she said.


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