‘Come On Man! Get Out Of Your Basement’: Arizona Gov. Mocks Biden Over Coronavirus Data

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, wants Joe Biden to get out of his basement and to start getting his facts right on the coronavirus pandemic.

In a pair of tweets, Ducey said the former vice president was wrong about statistics he was peddling about his state—which Biden also claims is failing in its fight against the coronavirus.

“Come on man! Get out of your basement, Joe, and get the facts on Arizona,” he initially tweeted.

He continued: “Percent positivity between 9-11% for the first time since May -The lowest R Naught in the nation at .86 -380+ testing sites, and growing -And we’re providing care and comfort to those who need it.”

The Republican governor also accused Biden of trying to politicize the coronavirus and benefit off of it.

“The last thing we need is another politician rooting for the virus because it helps them politically. We’ve got enough of that,” Ducey added. “AZ has more work to do, but we are on the right track thanks to the actions and responsibility of our people. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing.”

As the Daily Wire reports, the remarks came in response to comments made earlier in the day by Biden. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee mocked President Trump and Ducey for praising Arizona’s effort to combat the coronavirus.

“Arizona’s record in reducing the spread of the virus while maintaining hospital capacity and allowing society to continue functioning and functioning very nicely, very successfully, is an example that shows how our path forward can work in other states,” Trump explained. [Arizona is] a state that is a model for applying a science-based approach to the decreasing cases and hospitalizations without implementing a punishing lockdown.”

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Biden disagreed and made his thoughts known on Twitter.

“President Trump called Arizona ‘a model for applying a science-based approach to the decreasing cases and hospitalizations without implementing a punishing lockdown.’ He said Governor Ducey’s approach should be used by other states—but here’s what’s really happening in Arizona: Gov. Ducey is rushing reopening without adequate testing and contact tracing,” Biden tweeted. “He’s withholding support for increased testing and making local leaders plead for it. He’s refusing to implement a mask mandate and turning his back on older Americans and those at greater risk.”

“Here’s how COVID-19 affected Arizonans under the Trump—Ducey model: – An infection rate—still—of nearly 20% – The fifth-highest number of current hospitalizations in the country – More than 4,000 deaths from COVID-19 – More than 183,000 cases – Lengthy delays in test results,” he added.



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